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       It's quite easy to have "bagurette".This kind of bread are long, and looks very hard and solid.In such a simple appearance,it is hard to image that in 1990, baguette had been eaten by a French in a single day.Thought baguette has become less improtant, but you still can see French eatind bagurette walking on the street.


There are standards for judging wheather a baguette is good or bad. First, the length of a baguette must be over 70 cm. Which is about a arm of an adult. Then its apperence should be crisp and hard, but you still can rip it. Well it usually can be ripped by your fingers with a little stress. Then look on its back, check if there are grids on the surface. If yes, it means the baguette must be well baked. The most importent of all, the blowholes inside must be big and long.Different from other kinds of bread,the more blowholes are bigger the quality are better.


Failure baguette

Qualified baguette

        There is a two-star bakery "La Maison Kayser" near the hotel that I stayed at when I was in Paris.I always saw many people came out of the bakery with some bread.It is not difficult to see how popular it is. Until the day I bought a baguette ,some croissant, and a tart aux pommes.I was so surprise when I eat them.Look back to the baguette that hotel offered every morning, it's totally different.It has all the factor that delicious baguette need.The first one are so much better.


        Another three-star bakery " Le Boulanger de Monge Dominique Salbron" on the same road as Kayser.I tasted it once,but nothing special. And I had to walk for twenty minutes to get there, so I had never tryed it again.The other three-star bakery "Le Grenier a Pain" are fantastic.When you chew it you can feel it friable and you can also feel the special coke flavor.If you have a chance to travel to Montmartre why not try one.



Maison Kayser 8, Rue Monge 週一休
Le Boulanger de Monge Dominique Salbron 123, Rue Monge
Le Grenier a Pain 38 Rue des Abbesses 週一週二休

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