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Baker's Bakery locates in Muzha Taipei city. Founded in 1993. 
We provide fresh dessert, bread, toast everyday.We also 
provide birthday cakes, and meal boxes in bulk order. Over 
$1000 could be deliveried. Baker's Bakery uses freshest 
materials and skillful Baking Technology, low-fat and 
diet.Based on health oriented, provides customer a simple and 
pure tasty simultaneously.
We would never last the food over night. Healthy, quality 
and assured,we destroy all the The remaining food everyday.

Bread:9:00 a.m & 3:00 p.m evaryday
Cakes & meal boxes:please order three days before


Bus Routes:611 │ 251 │ 236 Metro Routes:Mucha Line Get off at Wan Fang Hospital

Public parking space (charge)

Merchandise Shipping:Express, In Person
Payment:Credit Card, Cash, Wired Transfer
Service Zone:North of TWN

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